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If your dog has Parvo, or is exhibiting any of the classic Parvo symptomsSymptoms of Canine Parvovirus: lethargy, lack of playfulness, vomit (often starting as an off-white mucus, turning to a yellow frothy vomit), diarrhea (usually foul-smelling and often bloody), dehydration, depression, fever, not eating, not drinking., then you need to take action immediately – this is a highly-aggressive virus and you cannot afford to sit around wait.

The only treatment we recommend is the ParvoBuster® Viral Smack-Down Kit, which contains:

  • 1 x 4oz bottle of ParvoBuster® Primalix Immune Booster
  • 1 x 4oz bottle of ParvoBuster® Primalix Parasite Formula
  • A personal copy of our comprehensive downloadable ParvoBuster® Parvo Treatment Guide, which includes emergency home remedies (which need to be made and administered immediately – i.e. before your products are delivered), dosage instructions, trouble-shooting information and much more.
ParvoBuster® Parvo Treatment Kit

Number Of Dogs Treated

One of these Parvo Treatment Kits is enough to treat from 3 – 50 dogs, depending on their weight:

Dog’s Weight Dogs Treated
Less than 3 lbs.Under 1.36 kg. 50
3 – 10 lbs.1.36 – 4.54 kg. 20
11 – 20 lbs.4.55 – 9.07 kg. 10
21 – 100 lbs.9.08 – 45.36 kg. 6
101 – 200 lbs.45.37 – 90.72 kg. 4
Over 200 lbs.Over 90.72 kg. 3

Note: if you have an extremely large number of dogs, or a lot of dogs of differing weights, you may be better off using our unique Product Calculator, which will tell you exactly what products you need our main site, at ParvoEmergencyTreatment.com, but please be aware that this site is not particularly mobile-friendly, although it should work.)

Cost & Payment Options

The cost of one of these Parvo Treatment Kits is $120, which does not include FedEx Priority Overnight shipping, or the fastest international equivalent service if you want your order shipped outside the USA. (Note that you will be able to get an exact shipping cost once you add the product to your shopping cart.)

(Remember, most vets charge anywhere from $500 – $12,000 USD per animal!)

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex, as well as PayPal.


We ship orders out Monday through Friday (excluding Federal holidays), and if we receive your order by 2:00pm MST (which is GMT – 7), it will ship the same day; otherwise, it will ship on the next business day.

Terms & Conditions

In order to ensure you have the highest possible chance of a successful outcome (and to protect ourselves), there are a few Terms & Conditions we need you to read:


Commitment & Attitude

You must be 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to save your sick dog(s), bearing in mind this will require half-hourly doses day and night for a minimum of three days.

You are both willing and able to follow our detailed plan to the letter.

You will remain positive in spite of how ill your dog looks, and you understand that there must be no negativity around your dogs, as this will affect their chances of survival.



If you cancel my order before it ships, and we have time to stop your shipping agent from sending your package out, then we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of up to $50 USD per hour, or part thereof, to cover any time we have spent and consultancy we have provided, as well an additional fee to recover any expenses we have incurred.

You may not cancel your order after it ships.


No Returns / No Refunds

You understand that all sales are final and that packages cannot be returned, no exceptions. This includes ALL un-used AND especially used bottles of products, even where the packing box is unopened. This is because the risk of contamination is extremely high.

See the Returns Policy for more information.


Shipping Address

If your package is to be shipped to the US, you must check your shipping address using the USPS website, even if you have had deliveries to that address in the past. (If it’s valid there, then in the majority of cases, FedEx will recognise it too.)

If we cannot verify your shipping address with FedEx (and you acknowledge that FedEx will not ship to a PO Box), we will either ship your package to your nearest FedEx depot (or Post Office), and we will send you full details of where and when you can collect your package, or we will cancel your order, at our discretion.

If you request us to do anything different to this, you accept that there is a risk of your package not being delivered on time, and that neither we nor our shipping agent will be liable for this.


Contact Details

You will provide us with a working email address and telephone number (preferably a cell phone), and you agree to check both for important messages about your order frequently.


Treatment Schedule

You will download your copy of our Parvo Treatment Guide immediately and begin treatment straight away, since waiting several hours before taking action is not an option.

You understand that from the minute you receive your free copy of our Parvo Treatment Guide, you will need to administer something to any sick dogs every half hour (both day and night!) for a minimum of three days (or maybe more if you order over a weekend or if there is a Federal holiday). This will involve clearing your calendar while you treat my dog(s).

You also understand that:

  • The Parvo Treatment Guide is NOT the same as the Free Parvo Treatment 101 book that you may have previously download; that free book is only meant to explain what is Parvo and does nothing to address treating Parvo. You must download the Parvo Treatment Guide immediately after you place your order.
  • Giving pregnant dogs these products can, in extreme cases, result in miscarriage.
  • These products can have a detox effect, so giving them to nursing mothers can result in toxins being passed to her puppies through her milk.

Age Restrictions

You must be 18 or over, as treating a dog for Parvo is entirely too much responsibility for children under 18 to have to take.


Intellectual Property

You understand that the ParvoBuster® Parvo Treatment Guide is proprietary to us and that you will not lend, sell or give it to anyone else.



If you pay by credit or debit card, you understand that the transaction will appear on your statement as:

Friends Of The Planet, Inc.

Clicking the Add To Cart button below constitutes acceptance of the above Terms & Conditions.


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